It’s raining…

10 Apr

Heavy rain.. Cold weather.. It’s like it din’t rain for years.. Pero ang naisip ko ay hindi maligo sa ulan, kung hindi ay yung mga oras na nakaakbay ka sa akin at nakasandal ako sa’yo.. Nakatitig tayo sa ganitong klaseng ulan.. At nung gabing yun, tahimik lang ang paligid sa bahay kubo sa tabi ng isang tindahan sa malayong lugar.. Parang tayo lang ang tao sa mundo..  



1 Apr

Mahal kita kahit na may kasalanan ka. Iiyak ako pero patatawarin parin kita.

This is an unusual thing for me to do.

24 Mar

When I was in high school, I really hate my literature subject. Our teacher keeps on requiring us to make tabloids, poems and essays. In short, I was mind fucked. Well, I thought It was difficult to make one. But now I realize, it isn’t when your words came from your heart and from the deepest of your own being. So, I just made a poem. Continue reading

My best conversation ever in my entire existence!

24 Mar

I missed this day where I felt loved. Felt like all the happiness in this world was within me. Felt like his princess yet treated like his queen. Continue reading



24 Mar


Have I Lost My Love?

24 Mar

It’s been 220 days and we already experienced every single possible problem that a relationship could have. Well, not really, but we are almost there. Kulang nalang magkaroon tayo ng pamilya para maexperience ang problema sa mga magiging anak natin. And yes, just so you know, I am looking forward to have a family in my future, with you. Still looking forward to whatever problems will come through kasi alam nating pareho na walang relasyon ang hindi nagkakaproblema. The positive thing about that that’s always been with me is, we can make through this, TOGETHER. But the question is, nasaan ka sa salitang TOGETHER? It’s like you already gave up your word. Your decision is crazy, are you really ending up this relationship that we have been saving all the time???  I am like depending my entire life with this relationship, especially my studies. You know my situation with my family. I’ve been dumped already. And this relationship is the only one left that gives me strength and YOU are the only one who gives me hope. So without you, I am hopeless. I built my world around you and I am now seeing my future with you. I just can’t believe it that you can throw away everything with just a snap and do whatever you want and ignore me like I never existed in your life. I felt so unwanted and worthless that’s why I can’t manage my anger. Don’t I have the right to speak my voice out?

I love you more than anything in this word and in my life. I really don’t want to lose you.

Summer wishlist

18 Mar


iPod Nano 6th Gen.

Now it costs 7,000PhP (16Gb). It’s very lightweight and absolutely handy.

This may sound a little bit cracky but seriously, a life without music isn’t a life.


P O L A R O I D! Hello Kitty mini 7s Instax

This one’s very lovely. It costs 4,600Php and you can instantly capture moments with an instant hard copy and it’s very handy too btw 🙂 You can hide it in your bag and bring anywhere you want unlike the DSLR cameras that are kinda heavy and hassle to bring but of course, they have perfect picture quality tho. :p